The World of Pia by Emerging Methods

Developing an Interactive Story Based
Adventure Property for Girls

PROJECT TITLE: Interactive Illustrator & UX Designer

Working with a team of children’s writers, developers and marketing experts to create a safe interactive online and mobile storytelling experience for girls aged 7-9, aimed at educating, entertaining and inspiring in a community environment. It was my role to create the visual style for the brand Pia, including illustrating all stories and interactive elements for the online property. The property has since been picked up as part of the KidsCBC online catalogue.

To learn more about Pia,
Or see some of her stories come to life through Pia TV, along with our development sketchbook.

The World of Pia TM is copyright by Emerging Methods, 2020.

Below: Graphic backdrops created for the “World of Pia” online experience.
Website featured a sideswipe scrolling world with different areas of engagement and content.