From Kids’ to Corporate

PROJECT TITLE: Illustrator

Drawing, painting & digital illustration continues to be a life long passion of mine, whether creating for my own enjoyment or
as contracted content for a project, the act of image making is a constant source of joy for me with sometimes surprising results.

Below is a brief compilation of illustrations created for a variety of projects, both self-directed and for clients.

“Cuddle Puddle” Commission (Ink & Watercolour)

“DogWalker” Commissioned Advertising Image (Ink & Watercolour) & “Generations” Self-Directed (Ink, Gouache and Collage)

“S.O.S.” Product Designs for Threadless (POD) (Ink & Digital Colour)

“The Sweeties” The Sweet Series Product Designs (Ink & Digital Colour)

“Sweet Beans” The Sweet Series Product Designs (Ink & Digital Colour)

The Sweet Series Product Designs for Society6 (POD)

“Kids” Self-directed Promotional Images (Ink & Gouache)

Assorted Animals – Self-directed Promotional Images (Gouache & Fabric Collage)

“Party Animals” – (2 Page Spread) Self-directed Children’s Book in Development (Ink & Digital Colour)

This series of cartoons were done as visual aids for a presentation at InPlay 2012.
The goal was to create a series using the same two characters as competitors in the same field.

“Cat Woman” & “Wonder Woman”  Commissioned Posters (Ink & Digital Colour)

“World of Pia” Online Interactive Children’s Stories (Ink & Digital Colour/ Collage), (Client: Emerging Methods)

Critters Spider Cartoon for “Do Fish Fart?” Children’s Book (Ink & Digital Colour), (Client: Ontario Water Centre/ LOL)

Turtle Illustration for “Do Fish Fart?” Children’s Book (Ink & Digital Colouring), (Client: Ontario Water Centre/ LOL)

Illustrative Breakdown of Bone for a Children’s Learning Book (Client: Firefly Books)

Instructional Diagram Showing the Correct Method to Wash Hands (Client: Digital Learning/ Baybridge)

Icon Illustration Design

A few examples of icons created for TV host David Connolly’s wedding card game, “How2iDo”.