Book Design & Illustration

“Do Fish Fart?” 


Cover and Spreads samples from the 100 page kids book, “Do Fish Fart?”

Originally published August 2015 by the Ladies of the Lake and the Ontario Water Centre.
Designed and Illustrated by Deryk Ouseley.
Written by Keltie Thomas. Conceived, Produced and Edited by Annabel Slaight.

The full 100 page version created for the non-profit is available for purchase at

As of April 2016, the book has been redrafted by the publisher Firefly Books for a broader audience
featuring content applicable to lakes across North America. It can be found both on Amazon
and on the publisher’s site (above link).






Sunset Space Shark Scuba


Illustrations for the children’s online property, “The World of Pia”.
Contracted by the Kids Media Centre and Emerging Methods to illustrate
Pia’s online stories, a property aimed to inspire girls to make positive change in the world.

Use this link to take part in all of Pia’s adventures!

Or see some of her stories come to life through Pia TV, along with our development sketchbook.

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