Graphic Design

A Little Bit of Everything

An assortment of design work for a variety of clients and brands for both Print & Web.

Logo Design

Every logo should inspire recognition for it’s brand. Below is an assortment of logos designed
for a variety of client types, some of which show stages of design exploration.



Advertising Layout Design

The following are examples of layout design for magazine ads, billboards, mailers and more.


Book Design

Product & Package Design

BoPo (Brush On, Peel Off Nail Polish) Product Line for WorxToys Inc.
BoPo 2020 Activity Pack Presentation PDF

Disceez Product Line for WorxToys Inc.

Splatz Product Line for WorxToys Inc.

Caillou Softline Buyer Concepts for DHX Media

2015 Caillou Softline Boys Gilbert

2015 Caillou Softline Play

“How2iDo” Wedding Planning Game for David Connolly (Rich Bride, Poor Bride)



Icon Illustrations for the “How2iDo” Wedding Planning Game

Icon Illustration Design

This! Is a Crisis (Band “Tank Top” Merchandise, Shirt & Poster)




From Kids’ to Corporate

PROJECT TITLE: Illustrator

Drawing, painting & digital illustration continues to be a life long passion of mine, whether creating for my own enjoyment or
as contracted content for a project, the act of image making is a constant source of joy for me with sometimes surprising results.

Below is a brief compilation of illustrations created for a variety of projects, both self-directed and for clients.

“Cuddle Puddle” Commission (Ink & Watercolour)

“DogWalker” Commissioned Advertising Image (Ink & Watercolour) & “Generations” Self-Directed (Ink, Gouache and Collage)

“S.O.S.” Product Designs for Threadless (POD) (Ink & Digital Colour)

“The Sweeties” The Sweet Series Product Designs (Ink & Digital Colour)

“Sweet Beans” The Sweet Series Product Designs (Ink & Digital Colour)

The Sweet Series Product Designs for Society6 (POD)

“Kids” Self-directed Promotional Images (Ink & Gouache)

Assorted Animals – Self-directed Promotional Images (Gouache & Fabric Collage)

“Party Animals” – (2 Page Spread) Self-directed Children’s Book in Development (Ink & Digital Colour)

“Cat Woman” & “Wonder Woman”¬† Commissioned Posters (Ink & Digital Colour)

“World of Pia” Online Interactive Children’s Stories (Ink & Digital Colour/ Collage), (Client: Emerging Methods)

Critters Spider Cartoon for “Do Fish Fart?” Children’s Book (Ink & Digital Colour), (Client: Ontario Water Centre/ LOL)

Turtle Illustration for “Do Fish Fart?” Children’s Book (Ink & Digital Colouring), (Client: Ontario Water Centre/ LOL)

Illustrative Breakdown of Bone for a Children’s Learning Book (Client: Firefly Books)

Instructional Diagram Showing the Correct Method to Wash Hands (Client: Digital Learning/ Baybridge)



Graphic Art / Image Compositing


Graphic Art / Image Compositing

Whether because of budget restraints, project timelines or just the desire for visuals that don’t exist,
the need for graphic art and image compositing is constant in our very visual society
and helps projects and brands tell their story.